11 Interview Questions From A Nudist Blogger in Spain About Nudism in America

He collected 11 questions from members in the group about me and nudism in America and sent them to me in English to reply. He then translated the interview into Spanish on his website, Eco naturismo. We thought we’d share the English version of our Q&A with our community.
1. How and why did you first start in nudism?
I was raised a nudist with my family at a club called Rock Lodge in Awesome Jersey. Afterward they bought a house in a (fabric) neighborhood nearby, and Rock Lodge became our summer place. http://modestperson.com/views/my-first-nude-experience-was-when-i-was-younger.php is only a seasonal club that shuts down in the chillier months. Once or twice a year, I Had also go to Gunnison Beach with friends, which is the big nude beach in NJ.
From my nudie childhood at Rock Lodge
2. Is it accurate that some universities in the U.S. are open to hold nudist events and tasks?
Yes, though the events and activities that come to mind aren’t run by nudists or referred to as “fkk” events. For instance, some universities have a conventional, yearly streaking event where a group of students will run around naked across the campus, just for fun. Some are known for having naked parties (organized by students, not the university itself). As for more official events, Brown University for example hosts an annual weeklong event called “Nudity in the Upspace.” During this week, they have lectures, discussions, naked yoga, body painting and other tasks.
I do not know of any official university fkk club, but I’ll wager at least some universities would be open to having one in their roster of official clubs.
3 . What do you do in America to get young people interested in the naturist lifestyle?
Basically we do a lot of online marketing and social media, and we cater our events toward the younger demographic. We organize workshops and courses, as well as http://modestperson.com/views/i-also-had-a-few-naked-experiences-while-i-was-growing-up.php like our huge slip n’ slide and pudding throw. We also have a naturist doctrine with ethos and principles, not for the lone purpose of bringing young folks but I believe that does appeal to my generation (I am 26). I believe it brings more people in general when you put meaning behind naturism, instead of merely saying, “Let’s all get naked cause it is fun.” Of course it really is fun, and there are many “recreational nudists” who just like being naked, but to us, naturism is about more than that. At the most basic level, it’s about approval.
FKK Love Freedom Acceptance
4. How was the encounter of Body Paint and Action Art in Time Square?
Awesome! We have teamed up with Andy Golub a variety of times to do group body painting in NYC. You can read the recap of that event here.
I have appreciated being a model every time. It’s exhilarating, a bit intense on occasion, but it’s a great manifestation of freedom and body approval shared with the city and really, with the world, too. With no doubt it’s a favorable impact both on the folks that view it as well as those who participate in it.
5. Tell us something about the naturist humor show you helped to create.
Oh, the comedy show was a fun occasion. The comedians were really cool, and had no trouble performing in front of a naked crowd. One even determined to get naked during his action!
Afterward we had Dave Attell, an extremely renowned comic, join the show. He typically charges a ton of money to perform, but came to our event because he believed it was trendy. So that was amazing.
I have just spent one weekend in Barcelona, while I was studying abroad in France. It was during the winter (but not too cold). I loved it!
Someday I’d like to return to Spain and see more.
7. In which areas is nudism permitted in America?
Well there are over 200 private clubs and resorts across the U.S., though some states don’t have any clubs / resorts.
Then there are some official, legal nude beaches and recreation areas (such as national parks, hot springs, rivers, lakes). We’ve very few public nude beaches compared to European countries, but they do exist. Unfortunately, it’s hard to create fresh nude beaches, and the ones we’ve are frequently endangered by local officials who wish to shut them down (simply because they do not enjoy it). That is why we’ve organizations like the Naturist Action Committee that fights anti-nudity legislation and lobbies for naturists.
And lastly, there are the unofficial, technically illegal, places at seashores or recreation areas. This includes places that have a longstanding tradition of skinny dipping, and it is born by the town or city. But other times it mightn’t be as accepted as a tradition, and folks would say, “Get naked at your own danger.”
Nude sunbather sign at The Ledges – an official designated clothing-optional area on a lake.
Nudists need to be a little more cautious at the unofficial places and do their research ahead. Being found nude in an illegal place can lead to fines or even arrest and jail time. In some states, public nudity charges can result in a man being registered as a sex offender, which is a big problem.
Sometimes nudists are even persecuted for being nude in their home or on their own property, if other people see them. I know I’m making the U.S. sound like a dreadful place! Haha. But I am sure you know this country is quite backwards in regards to nudity.
8. Is nudism let in American beaches?
Not at most beaches, no. I don’t understand how many exactly, but there are some official, legal nude beaches in the U.S., such as in Florida and California (and Fresh Jersey). Other nude beaches are unofficial and technically illegal, but have some form of naked convention.
9. How simple is it for fkk American families to find enough affordable places, where they’re able to allow their children to practice it?
Families do the exact same material as regular nudists. In terms of affordable areas, that can be challenging. And occasionally the challenge isn’t the price, but finding a place that’s family-oriented / family-friendly. Or finding a spot that’s “family-oriented” and actually has other families present. A lot of clubs like to say they’re family-friendly, but regrettably clubs have seen a decline in families with children visiting or becoming members. I witnessed a decline in children at my own residence club, Rock Lodge, as I grew up. However that appears to be changing there, and they seem to have had an increase in families over the last few years. Regardless, most places will let kids under 18 in for free. So that helps with the cost. To go to a beach continues to be substantially cheaper for a family, but you’ve got to be fortunate to live near a legal nude beach.
10.Do you think all beaches and lakes should be clothing-optional, or you would rather have split locations for nudists and for cloths?
Separate regions. I believe this is what works best, for both naturists and bathing-suit people. Someday in the far future, perhaps it’ll be possible to have all areas be clothing-optional and everyone will be alright with nudity and honor one another. But for now, we need to have separate areasthe most fundamental reason being that so many folks still get offended by nudity.
11. Is there any celebrity that supports FKK?
I think Dave Attell would be the only one thus far
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