Recap of the First Ever NYC Body Painting Day 2014

Review of our Fresh York City Body Painting Day
This past Saturday, over 40 naked models and 30 artists gathered in Columbus Circle for Andy Golub’s most epic occasion yet NYC Body Painting Day!
We were honored to collaborate with Andy and artist Craig Tracy for the biggest outside nude body painting event NYC has ever seen.
Jordan and I arrived a little before noon at the Columbus Circle entrance to Central Park. Most of the artists were arriving and deciding their models right there on-site.
This was a little nerve-wracking for some, but everyone was fairly excited. The artists got started when they’d a model and then we corralled everyone together into a taped-off area.
I was painted by a friend, April, and my mom was right next to me getting painted by artist John Paul O’Grodnick. We were surrounded by interested on lookers and photographers.
I had painted a banner for the occasion which was laid out on the ground within our painting place. It read, “All Bodies Are Good Bodies” to reveal the message of body approval.
All around this hint we’d models of all shapes, sizes, races, ages and sexes. All lovely bodies!
It was a tight place, but most folks respected the space and monitored from a few feet away. From my vantage point I was able to observe a number of other artists on the job.
It was amazing to watch the collection of paintings being made by so many different artists. At precisely the same time we were unified as they all used the same 5 colors of Kryolan body paint and the motif of the day was “faces.”
Artist Roberto Garcia LiquidMatter body painting. T shirt reads, “Art Is Not A Crime.” NYC Body Painting Day
Afterward around 5pm, just as all the artwork was finished, it began to rain again! Luckily it was a light drizzle and did not last long. Some had umbrellas and we additionally crowded together under the registration tent. Models took some fun pictures with the umbrellas.
Two Boots Pizza shortly arrived to provide a fast dinner for artists and models. (I ‘d slices of their vegan pizza and I need to say it was fairly good!)
After some group photographs in the park, it was time to march down to Times Square! This part was a little frantic as we were such a big group attempting to stay together.
We paused for just a minute or two at a time to take photos. Models swarmed around statues, bound onto Citi Bikes and climbed up onto scaffolding for photo ops.
Boris Vallejo
Eventually we made it to the bleachers in Times Square for some group photographs among the tourists. The bunches were crazy there – as they always are! Versions had a little time to do more pictures in the region before we all headed for another exciting activity-the double decker bus ride!
Models, artists and few photographers boarded the double decker tour bus on 7th ave at 48th street. The versions went to the upper level to be seen by and interact with the crowd below.
Then we rode down 7th ave toward Union Square. was an exhilarating ride! Everyone had a great time waving and cheering to the people below.
Both sides of follow were decorated with an extended NYC Body Painting Day event banner so folks could see why there were 40 naked painted individuals in addition to the bus.
Most of us were standing up, but we’d to periodically sit down and cry “LIGHT” to prevent being whacked by an overhead traffic light.
Here’s a video of versions on top of the bus:
It was enjoyable to observe the reactions of pedestrians. I saw folks break out into enormous grins upon seeing us. Many smiled, waved and once in a while someone would start dancing for us.
The models adored interacting with the crowd below and chanted at them – “Love Your Body!”, “Free the Nipple!” and “Take it away!” Some guys honoured along the way and lifted their shirts. One dude on a balcony dropped his trousers and then quickly ran inside!
The bus ride finished at Jerry’s International Palette Store for Andy’s art opening. His works were displayed on the walls as well as on the models. We drank some wine, socialized and chilled out for a bit.
Then it was time to go back up to Times Square for the afterparty!
It was all us models, artists, photographers and friends. A couple of artists started body painting some unpainted individuals.
Andy pinned the bus banner up in the hall and a group of artists and models signed it.
So ended an awesome day of artistic expression, camaraderie and body approval!