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They created an acronym name, “U.N.I.T.E.” – United Naturist / Fkk International Trade / Journey Educational Events. The summit is meant to bring together leaders from various fkk organizations and companies for them to work jointly within the fkk movement.
This is a one-day event occurring at Haulover Beach Park and a nearby resort on Wednesday, February 15th. The registration fee is $60, and attendance is capped at 100 people.
– After their success with creating Mpenjati Beach as South Africa’s first official naturist beach, SANNA did not waste any time pursuing the next one – Sandy Bay. Sign their petition to help make Sandy Bay an official nude beach!
– Looking at the body that gave birth to you seems to be amazingly challenging for some people. Body shaming and body phobia run wild in this woman’s narrative of following her mom and to a bare resort in France.
Her husband and children stayed home because “No lad should need to see his grandma naked.” What is wrong with Grandma? Is she some sort of deformed freak? Omg, are we going to look like that someday?
Body Image
– How would you respond if someone said to you, “If I had your body I’d kill myself”?
She is working on a documentary called Fattitude that “exposes how popular culture cultivates weight bias and fat hate, and then offers an alternate way of thinking – adopting body approval whatsoever sizes.” She recently wrote about the sort of awful things people say to her because she is fat and shares her perspective on fat shaming. [xojane]
Here’s a brand new interview with her from The Sort Artist. Seemingly her work has been called “repellent,” and she responds, “If our culture will call a healthful (yet not unrealistically perfect) body ‘repellent,’ then it’s something we as a society need to have a look at.”
– Photographer Fred Huening documents the “magic of motherhood” in this wonderful string of photographs. [Huffington Post]
– How do you ensure your art exhibition will sell out? Make it a naked occasion. A gallery in London is hosting a clothing-optional exhibition that “discusses and dissects the seemingly unacceptable.” It is called Prohibited and attributes over a dozen artists. [artlyst]
BuzzFeed invited some “man best friends” who haven’t seen each other naked to go on camera and see each other’s bodies (penises, actually) for the first time.
Who understands how much of it’s real, but the boys are pretty adorable about it. One bff pair compliment each other saying, “You look quite good nude, man!” Then they practice helicoptering their dick, which you can’t see, but ya know, use your imagination.
Instants in Naturist History
Zelda Suplee (using the pseudonym Yolande Reed in this video) owned and managed three fkk clubs beginning in the 1930’s, one of which was Sunny Rest Resort. According to gay nudist , Zelda had rather an interesting life.
In the 60’s she ran an organization to help transgender folks, was involved in pioneering psychic research, and appeared in Playboy as the first full frontal nude in black and white (Perhaps in a characteristic on nudism?
Zelda Suplee Naturist Resort Owner
We haven’t figured out what problem / what year). She was also in a few naturist films, including Diary of a Nudist (1961). In this amusing clip, she’s featured in an episode of a show called “What’s My Line?” in 1953.
We love the fact that she corrected a contestant on using the term “fkk camp” instead of “naturist colony.”
Extra Credit
– Here is a fascinating history of sex education in the United States. [Collector’s Weekly]
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